Core Literacy Skills

Lifelong learning is essential to personal growth and professional success. These courses will help students improve their skills by utilizing technology tools and discussing the latest trends and issues.

INFO 1120 – Microcomputer Applications: This is a Microsoft Office application course. Specific Microsoft applications covered are Access, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

In class, I will do a variety of activities (small diverse groups, pairs, and individual) as we review the material. I typically pick several main concepts to focus on. I like to work in time chunks and incorporate life and work skills into the class activities. Students will be completing a scenario project in this course that brings all their creativity, talents, and acquired skills together.

Sample Syllabi

INFO 1380 – Technology in Society:  Like the INFO 1120 course, this is another course that’s in the General Education Group D at Central Community College. If an application course isn’t your thing and you want to stretch your technology wings a bit, register for this course.

In this course students will have a section on information literacy that goes beyond Google searching. In addition, there will be topics covering technology issues, future technologies, IoT (internet of things), mobile, social, security, privacy, and ethics. I use threaded discussions to expand student’s view points and perspectives.  A final research paper will allow students to delve into a meaningful technology topic that will be relevant to their personal and/or professional lives.

Sample Syllabi