Technical Support

Course Preview….

Are you already someone’s ‘superhero’ when it comes to helping them out with technology?  If so, a technical support career may be just for you. Review the course information and then check out the Technical Support (TS) resources and an IT Systems Portfolio example.

INFO 1600 – IT Support: This is a core course for all IT&S majors. This course is designed around a fictitious company, MCIT (Midwest Consulting for Information Technology). This course is divided into three main sections that mirrors a real-world working environment. MCIT Logo

First students will be an IT intern learning about the company and developing their ‘soft’ skills. Working relationships, language barriers and other diversity aspects are integrated at this level. A training module will be part of the assessment before students move to the next level, Level 1 Support. Next,  students will conduct helpdesk functions and perform problem solving and root cause analysis. Students will then level-up to a IT Support Associate level to get some experience with IT business functions.

Quality IT Support

INFO 2600 – IT Support Capstone: This is the final course in the IT Support specialization.   In this course students will apply knowledge to the following areas:  service level agreements, IT compliance, helpdesk, root cause analysis, training, solving business problems and then putting it all together in a final IT support portfolio. Students need to be self-directed and organized to be successful with the course material.

TS Resources & IT Systems Portfolio Example